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Slang – USA vs Australia

My partner in Australia once challenged me to a slang smack down. Slang is the early indicator of word changes and language evolution.  On many levels slang is academically interesting and worthy of serious study.  For a writer and poet, slang can give your writing color and interest, but only in  small doses.

But for Newbie Writers Podcast, we just wanted to be funny.

While Damien had a wealth of Australian slang at his disposal, indeed, I once listened to a young Aussie deliver a paragraph of instructions and I did not understand a word she said, I am from a slang free zone – Sonoma County.  I was in big trouble.

barrier reef beachSo I appealed to the students in my Oakland class.  Give me your inner city slang, I pleaded.

And they did.

And I won the smack down.

Here are a few examples from our show –  Newbie Writers Podcast – Episode 11

Catharine’s Slang contribution:

  • Beat –  Stereo system in a car
  • Get your Issue –  Death Sentence
  • Hood – neighborhood
  • Ratchet –  Girl from the Ghetto
  • Tight – flash or cool
  • What’s up with it? –  What’s up, what’s good?
  • Shawty – girlfriend
  • Get it in –  Sex, hours of work
  • Ya Feel me?  – Do you understand?
  • Jump off – mistress
  • Swag – personal Style, confidence
  • Slap –  Cool song or loud music
  • Hater –  Slander, heinous deed against you,  contempt
  • It’s a wrap –  it’s over
  • Kiss the baby –  it’s over
  • Go hard or go home –  make the effort
  • Paper –  Money
  • Bopper – whore
  • Pop off –  Drama, fight is brewing
  • Fire on you – punch you

Damien’s slang contribution:

  • Ankle biter –   child
  • Berko –  angry
  • Big bikkies – money
  • On the Blower – telephone
  • Bonzer – terrific
  • Boofhead – idiot – football
  • Chock a block or Chocker’s –  full
  • G’day Cobber –  mate
  • Crack-a-Coldie –   beer
  • Cozzie – bathing suits
  • Daks – shorts or underpants
  • Dero – tramp homeless
  • Dog’s breakfast – messy
  • Dunny –  toilet, loo
  • Durry -cirgarettes
  • Fair dinkum –  genuine
  • Grouse (adj.) –  terrific surfer speak
  • Flat out like a Lizard drinking –  busy
  • Ridgy-didge –  orignial
  • Yobbo –  uncouth person

So don’t be a boofhead, go hard, or go home.

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