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My Favorite Addiction

Dublin writer museum

Book bub  is a email program courtesy of Amazon that delivers a choice of four or five books for ebook down load ranging in price from $3.99 to Free.

I love free the best.

And I love Amazon for assuming the role of my own personal drug dealer.  For a woman who considers books her crack cocaine, this daily email offering a free book download is like the  archetypal drug dealer lurking just on the other side of the playground chain link fence.

“Want to trip for free?”

And I reply, “SURE of COURSE I do.”

Since I missed doing drugs in college due to financial constraints,  this is my next best experience.

The  Amazon one click option is like main-lining in a meth lab.

If you are a real writer you are not book – free or novel-neutral.  So it’s not a question of  addiction, the question is,  how does your addiction manifest?  The local used book store?   The monthly Friends of the LIbrary sale?   The library itself?  Amazon?  A fabulous destination store  like (cue the god-clouds and heavenly chorus) Powells?

This is not an intervention, this is not a plea to just say no. On the contrary, don’t say no, say yes, and if you know your weakness, then you know that when you come across it in your in bo

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Are we really all like Kids in a Candy Store?

I was in Sephora the other day and the phrase kid in a candy store came to me, not because that’s how I felt, (more like an overwhelmed middle-aged woman in a bewildering cosmetic emporium) but because  the cliche isn’t original  and often not as descriptive as other options – there must be better metaphors that express unbridled job and expectation than a child on the verge of a diabetic coma.

So I have a couple options  to consider.

She was a happy as a book club member armed with a year of reading and a 1,000 gift certificate to Powell’s Books.

He was as happy as an alcoholic at a free wine tasting

She was has happy as a Tech geek bearing forged credentials to CES

He was as happy as a backstage dresser for Victoria Secret lingerie show.

Happiness doesn’t always need to be compared to candy.

Happiness is, however,  easily linked to chocolate.

If the gambling, alcohol and sex isn't enough - sugar.

If the gambling, alcohol and sex isn’t enough – sugar.

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