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Newbie Writer Podcast Guest Carly Findlay

Thank you Carly Findlay at for being a great guest on Newbie Writers.  She had a few bits of advice for bloggers:

  • Just start writing
  • Stay with it

    Gouger Cellars Grand Opening this Weekend

    Gouger Cellars Grand Opening this Weekend which has nothing to do with writing and everything to do with wine

  • Write about what you like
  • Don’t let it become a chore
  • Sign up for social media
  • A writing career is 40 percent marketing, so  use social media
  • If you are using twitter, a strategy is to be considered a   trusted source, so people follow you  in order to get the information they need.
  • And of course, the twitter and the facebook and the linked in all direct followers to your blog!

And if you want to know if your book has what it takes,

Contact me for your complimentary consultation and book – Start Your Book Now

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Word Press Advice

Newbie Writers Podcast guest Brett Bumeter is a WordPress expert, he gave us some good tips listed here –  for the whole interview, listen on Newbie

The Best Blog tool right now is WordPress,  18% of the world is using WordPress so that helps your Google ranking.

Free, you can start small.  Can move up to something larger if you want.

A good blog provides entertainment or information.


The look of your blog is obviously important.  Should you pay for themes?  Not necessarily, free themes are fine to use, but do check their age.  A good theme should stil be supported,  was the theme made in the last 3 to 6 months? Read the reviews, are they positive or negative, that matters for the health of your blog.

Do the theme developers respond to questions?  In English?

It the theme intuitive?

Should you change your theme often to keep it interesting?  Not necessarily but fans will want and expect you to improve and gain sophistication, so improving is great, change for just change may not be as necessary.

The easiest color scheme for text is black wording on white background

And remember, 40% of visitors on your site use mobile devices.

For more tips visit Brett’s blog   Petered Out

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