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Tips from Guy Kawasaki

I met wonderful authors during my two days volunteering at the SF Writers Conference.  If you couldn’t attend, I’ll send along a few things I learned:

Guy Kawasaki


Guy Kawasaki  author of APE (Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur): How to Publish Your Book had this to say:

Build your platform while writing your book through curating

Curate in your field. Reach out through social media

What does that mean?

If you are writing a science fiction thriller, as you discover interesting research, photos, prototypes, post them to your blog, pin them, Facebook them.  You aren’t really mentioning your book at all during this activity. What you are doing is sharing your world and your knowledge with your readers, even if they aren’t yet your readers.

I found this an easier way to consider that dreaded platform requirement.

Instead of laboring to build a platform, shop for cool things to share.

Sounds better?  It is!

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