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Acetone words

nail polish remover

Go for the hard stuff

To remove nail polish I have found  nothing does a better job  than real acetone.

I tried the non- acetone polish removers – and spent five to six minutes rubbing and rubbing  as the safe, natural  product gradually and rather ineffectively removed  my nail polish. After about two nails, I  had it and pulled out the real stuff  which took  care of the project in record time.

This is the same in writing.  Don’t rub and rub at a subject or problem with non- acetone words.  Don’t try to cloak the meaning, or dance around a subject in an effort to be nice, accommodating or politically correct.   Just pull out those hard words:  effective but potent  and say what you mean, describe what you see, explain what you remember.

Those 100% acetone words can be scary and even toxic, and they should probably come with a warning sticker (for instance, some are inflammatory . But they are potent a reason. These words will  drive to the heart of your work faster and with more certainty than a weak pleasing, committee approved word.  You take a risk of course, but the writing will end up stronger and get the job done.

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