Chilled in the entrance to Petra (very Indiana Jones)

I’m Catharine Bramkamp, the  Newbie Writer’s Guide, my goal is to guide you and  keep you on the right track on your journey from newbie writer to a known published author!

I wrote my first book,The Boy and the Lion when was I was two years old. Disappointingly it never made it to national distribution.  But still, my writing career was launched.  I’ve devoted my life to writing and publishing.

I love to connect with people through speaking and workshops on  subjects as diverse as NaNoNowWhat?  to the Evolution of Language to working through writing blocks.   I work with clients to create   both fictional works (Three clients have published four books) and non-fiction (one client has published two books).  And one of my  favorite things is producing the Newbie Writers Podcast.

I hold two degrees in English and Creative Writing and work as an adjunct professor for University of Phoenix and JFK University.  I have  published a handful of novels and collections including five books in the Real Estate Diva Mystery series, two Chicken Soup for the Soul books and a poetry collection; Ammonia Sunrise.  My writing books are Don’t Write Like You Talk and The Cheap Retreat Workbook.

Her award winning podcast, NewbieWriters  Podcast reaches an international audience of new writers with humorous, helpful interviews and information on writing.

The Boy and The Lion still languishes in my baby book. The lion eats the boy in the end.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Catharine – I am a new writer and a new WordPresser. Drop by and say hi. I will come back to your ‘press as a source. I just finished the first draft of a shortstory competition that I have entered. The prize is – get this – 9 pints of beer and a $20 meal. Subject: A Space-faring Unicorn story! It’s a blast.

    Cheers again!!

    • Beer, now that is a good prize! I attended a street fair in Cambodia, all the old fashion games – pop the balloon with a dart, ring toss, etc. But all the prizes were alcohol! I won three cans of beer. Now that’s a carnival.

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