You Didn’t Hear it From Me

Nick at live Hacked published ten pretty good reasons to write a blog.  So in the interest of giving credit where credit is due – just check out Nick’s Blog

I do enjoy blogging and we discussed on Newbie Writers Podcast that the best way to approach your blog is to be passionate about something.

Smashed Potatoes -

Smashed Potatoes –

I also want to point out that passion and sustainability can be exclusive activities as well as exclusive terms.  My friend Terry and I started up based on her undying passion for potatoes.  But she lagged behind in the sustainability department.  Since I don’t cook at all, I could not take up the potato masher in her name.

So even though we started out with great ideas and hopes and enthusiasm, there was something that didn’t carry us forward enough to stay with the video work and the blog.

Now you’ve heard the cautionary tale, don’t let that discourage you, start up WordPress blog and enjoy the experience!  But consider that consistency will get you noticed, and the burn out rate is pretty high.

So read Nick’s blog and you can hear more about his ideas during our interview with him on May 24th on Newbie Writers Podcast.

You are welcome to re-post this article in your own blog or newsletter – please include this entire statement, “Catharine Bramkamp is a Writing Coach and podcaster, find out if you’re ready to go from  Newbie to Known visit or for a complimentary consultation.”



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