10 Things to Do with That First Draft

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Ignoring my first draft

Thank you Tanya Egan Gibson for a great Writers Digest article – 10 Things Your Freelance Editor Might Not Tell You – But Should.

As a developmental editor I really appreciated how Tanya created a clear list of what authors need to do before they drop their baby off to an editor.  The number one piece of advice?  Don’t hire an editor to take care of your first draft.

First drafts are fragile, messy, complicated documents.  They don’t need editing, they need:

  • to be put in a drawer or virtual file for a few weeks
  • reviewed
  • re-read
  • extensive rumination
  • consideration
  • panic
  • ruthless cutting and pasting
  • a sympathetic reader
  • a second draft
  • a third draft

Do that work before you offer up your manuscript to a professional, and you’ll be happier with your editor.

The other nine tips are  covered in the May/June Writers Digest issue on line and on news stands.

Check out Tanya’s advice!

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