Feel – Think – Do: A New Way to Look at Goals

Thank you to our podcast guest Keith Abrams author of Discover Your Passion.

PhotoIn this book you list 8 areas of life we should feel passionate about

And you have fifty items for each heading,  I signed up and couldn’t think of 100 things nor did I have the time – so I asked Keith for help:

The first thing he said was:

  • Tell me the five things you are passionate about  (People usually say  “Family.”)
  • Tell me the second? (People usually say “cooking”)
  • Tell me a third
  • Tell me a fourth
  • And keep listing – one at time until you can drill down to what really matters.

How not to be overwhelmed  by 100 goals

Ask the right questions to get to the 100 goals

  • What would you do if the money was handled, what would you do with your time?
  • In your life, if you need to be the best you could be what you need to change?
  • If that’s what you need to change?  Then what do you need to differently?
  • You are 95 years old –  your achieved marvelous things, and someone at 50 asked you for advice, what would you say?
  • What are the things you dabble in?  That’s a great place for goals to be listed.
  • What do you like to do to give back to others?

How do you want to feel? Put that idea at the forefront of the goals?  What do you want to set  up to have those feelings?   One of the ways to look at goals is to ditch the SMART goals and consider how you want to feel.  Feel first, then Think about how to get that feeling, then do it.

For writers, think of what you loved to read, what did you love?  What book and style did you love? And what was your message to the world?

For more, check out Keith’s web site!

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