The Secrets of Influencers

Pig in Ireland

Great Interview on Newbie Writers Podcast with Vanesa Bogehold of Tap Influence

Here is what the  TapInfluence website says:

TapInfluence enables influencers across different social platforms to earn revenue by connecting them with top brands. The TapInfluence marketplace makes it easy for influencers to showcase their content and find compensated opportunities with brands.

So we asked Vanessa, what is an Influencer?

  • An influencer is defined as those  people who create or share valuable content with the niche audiences who follow them.
  • Influencers work and influence across platforms.
  • Specifically, if you have an engaged audience of 1,000/visits/month your blog can be considered influential.
  • Influencers are popular with companies or brands for one reason – Trust
  • Influencers have the trust that a brand doesn’t

I know, the next question is what does the relationship between a brand and an influencer look like?

First of all the brand very much wants the influencer to focus on the story, personal experience and individuality.

Often the Brand gives a writing prompt or subject for the influencer to write about.

Tap Influence  offers an easy data base for Brands to track, contact influencers and their blogs with the knowledge that those blogs have already been vetted.

Influencers in turn can refuse to work with the brand


Influencers are compensated for their work on behalf of the brand.

That said, Tapinfluence does require  influencers to apply to be part of the data base.

Want to Be an Influencer When You Grow Up?

Vanessa gave us these tips:

Do select your medium of interest: Pintreset podcast etc.

Influence  across multiple platforms (but just the ones you like)

Go where your fans and readers are.  Pintrest is a good example of that

What are you passionate about?  Pick one to four topics that you cover consistently.

Produce content on a regular basis, three times a week.

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