Write About the Trivial

Spring in Las Vegas

Spring in Las Vegas

I am always happy when a Newbie Writers Podcast guest confirms what I tell writers to do all the time: keep a journal.  Not only keep a journal but write in it as well.

Write about all the important stuff.

Write about your goals.

And, little known use: write about all the trivial crap that clutters up your head at any given moment. And get it out of the way.

Writing all the stupid stuff down, will, to a certain extent, prevent you from uttering all that stuff out loud. And that is a good thing.

Have you ever sat with a friend or relative and make the grave mistake of inquiring after their day, and they immediately respond with an avalanche of trivia.  What they ate for breakfast, their opinion about seven grain bread and how it should include another grain, perhaps they think the new seven grain bread should include one more grain.   sun flower seeds,  or maybe flax, they heard that flax is particularly good for you, have you ever tried those flax chips? You can buy them at Costco right now, although  you know with Costco they never stock products consistently, especially if you really like it. . .

That kind of response.

Writing all that down in a journal, first thing in the morning will save you and those you love, from a similar fate.   Eat  your toast, and write down all the thoughts you have about that toast.  Once this kind of musing is written down, it’s finished.  You won’t need to express it out loud to anyone.

This helps in two ways:

Your own thoughts about toast become clear.  You can then summarize your morning musings by saying that you ate toast for breakfast and it was pretty good, have you ever heard of eight grain bread?

And you can concentrate on the other person, because you’ve adequately expressed all your own opinions already.

Of course, out of deceptively simple and trivial musings, come much better material.  Sometimes all that junk is just the throat clearing we need to do before our voice is warmed up and ready to discuss brilliant and difficult topics of the day.

But the best way to do it, is off line, into a journal. As as result, in reall life, you will look smarter.

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