TWIT TV Studios

TWIT TV Studios

I visited TWIT TV the other week.  It is an amazing place and an amazing success story. The shows provides news, commentary, help and how – to perspectives on the latest trends in digital tech (this is lifted from their web site, so it must be true) and they’ve recently expanded into a “Multimillion dollar studio”  which I could visit because I live close by.

Here’s my favorite thing in the studio – and I’m sorry I didn’t take a photo –  the lobby lined with two brick walls.  On each brick is the name of a donor who made the new studio possible. Two of the bricks were lazered with QR codes, that’s all. I wonder  about setting current technology in stone or in this case, brick.

Should we have that kind of faith in the new, new thing?  What happens if QR codes become passé?  What if the landing page is taken down?  What about the brick’s relevance then?

I know, it makes me wonder about the transient nature of e-books, what happens if they go out of style?

Leo Laporte in his hat from New Orleans

Leo Laporte in his hat from New Orleans


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One thought on “TWIT TV

  1. Thanks for posting the great pictures. I’d love to visit the TWiT studio but I am on the East Coast and have no future plans of a West Coast trip….but….who knows.

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