The After Conference Fall Out

Do you feel brilliant and accomplished after a weekend writing conference?
I never do.  I walk out of the sessions thinking that I will never, ever be as:

  • Popular
  • Accomplished
  • Rich
  • Thin
  • Young

As the speakers.   Sometimes the above list makes me really, really depressed.  I ruminate over issues like:

  • I haven’t followed any of the information presented so I must be some kind of idiot.
  • What do I know about writing, I’ve only been doing it for 40 years (since I was very young)
  • What am I even doing here;  I should have taken up dentistry.

I believe this kind of doubt and anguish is fairly normal. You may feel the same way. Or you may be perfect and good for you, drop me a line and tell me how that feels.

But after a few days wallowing in my own, er, stuff, I snap out of it and think, okay, I’m going to act on all the good   advice:

  • fix the character arc in the novel
  • make a plan for  for social media (no, I am still not taking up twitter, I’ll leave that to Damien)
  • curate information to build my platform.

Like most adult learners, I needed to do everything wrong in my first draft so I could really hear and  understand the messages delivered by the more-famous-than-me-authors and maybe apply them to the third draft of my book.

In the end, I think, maybe I can improve, it just takes a few days for all of it to sink in.
I’m still working on getting younger.

Mark Hopkins, home of the SF Writers Conference

Mark Hopkins, home of the SF Writers Conference

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