Ideas to Raise Your SEO

Here are a few of the suggestions of how to raise your  SEO  courtesy of  the speakers at the SF Writer’s Conference:

  • Place an ad for your website on Craig’s list.  You do need to renew every seven days, but it’s free.
  • Create an app  (this is quick, not free.  The free apps will display far less of you and far more of the paid ads, so you may need to spend in the neighborhood of $1,000 for the app)
  • Be a guest blogger in your field.  Some larger, popular blogs will take 500 word articles on topic relevant to their theme.  Check them out, figure out their style, submit.  You have an opportunity to post your bio and a link to your web site (just one link).
  • Conduct Free teleseminars and webinars relevant to your field and expertise.  Don’t have enough to say to fill in a few hours?  Recruit your friends, host a panel of experts.   Even if the webinar is free, require a sign up so you can capture names and emails for your own mailing list.
  • Give away an e-book, capture names and emails for your mailing list.  (Please, we’ve discussed this, don’t just throw together some crappy e-book filled with recycled material, or worse, a thinly disguised infomercial,  make it valuable, give something real away.)
  • SF Writers Conference

    Stephanie Chandler – speaker at the SF Writer’s Conference, Newbie Writers Podcast guest

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