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Is the very real necessary?




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Venice in Vegas
I love the fake Venice = perhaps because it reminds me of the real city.

Like the way words stand in for the actual things – because they are easier to carry around.


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This is the Newbie Writer’s Guide Blog. You can visit of course the two web sites as well as subscribe to the Newbie Writer’s Podcast and join us at the Newbie Writer’s Group on Facebook.

What I intend for this blog to be is a go to place for information for the new writer. I couldn’t think of a more apt metaphor for the writing experience than the classic journey. You enter a foreign country, you learn a new language, are introduced to new tools and new systems and with luck you not only adapt, but succeed.

You may be a professional, a genius, magnificent but maybe as a writer you are just beginning. And I know from experience, the best thing to do when traveling to a foreign country, is to consult a guide.

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