Writers Talk to Strangers

Workers were changing the  atrium of the Bellagio from a winter theme to Lunar New Year them.  In the center  of the room stood a impressive tree, the leaves were enormous coins with square cut out centers.  A money tree for good luck.  I angled my phone and snapped a couple of photos.IMG_2945

The  man next to me was also photographing the tree.

“Like  the tree?”  he asked.

“Oh yes, the tree is marvelous.” I enthused.

“Thank you.” He replied.  “My company made it.”

Not only that, the president of the company  joined in the conversation and by the time my husband returned   from the men’s room the three of us were deep in conversation.

I learned all sorts of interesting things about creating artificial trees,  who purchases them (hospitals and hotels), how the trees are lifted into place and the two men were delightful.

My husband just gave me that look: I leave you in the lobby for five minutes and you manage to make new friends.

95% of the world is very interesting.  Talk to strangers, exchange business cards. All that weird, interesting stuff feeds articles, blogs and novels.  You may even find the inspiration for your next project.

I found a post for my blog as well as a newsletter article, all because my husband needed to use the restroom.  Thanks honey.

Money tree

Almost finished!

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